our vision

Seabury TFX provides businesses with the freedom to run, to grow, and to succeed. As specialists in supply chain finance, the company's expertise lies in having the "right financing product at the right place at the right period at the right price"-the Four Pillars' of Seabury TFX.

Seabury TFX excels at providing the "right financing product" as it ensures that manufacturing businesses can replenish their capital at the fastest speed and lowest cost to keep the supply chain moving. We liberate businesses from the constraints of liquidity and give them the capital necessary to be successful.

Our platform harnesses the power of technology to bring credit information by leveraging automated and transparent data models generated on buyers and sellers during supply chain activities that are understandable to participating funders. On Seabury TFX, each trade finance transaction is pre-qualified and processed utilizing risk management and data source validation. The risk mitigation enables new sources of capital for trade finance. The information on the physical flow of goods allows capital to be accessed sooner and at lower rates.

Seabury Capital's proven Contract Performance Analysis system (CPAS)™ will be delivered across the platform to further optimize savings to both suppliers and buyers.

Our goal is to provide trade finance solutions that optimize both availability and cost of capital within a given buyer-supplier supply chain providing better payment terms and straightforward payment options. Providing companies with the capital they need to grow, and participating funding providers with the right channel to deploy funds.

We are a subsidiary of Seabury Capital. For more information on Seabury Capital, please visit www.seaburycapital.com.