GT Nexus is the developer and operator of the largest cloud supply chain platform of its kind, with over $100 billion in goods managed annually and over 25,000 active trading organizations across all major industries. With on-tap data integrations in place to global transportation carriers controlling 90% of worldwide capacity, and strategic go-to-market relationships with five of the top ten global third party logistics providers (3PLs), GT Nexus is also the largest, most complete and active global logistics provider network in the world.

Outblaze develops and provides various digital media products and services including virtual community services, online transaction systems, web communication software, smartphone games and apps, social media applications, and more. We are a group of innovators whose mission is the delivery of powerful, engaging digital media and web products.

RIB Software AG is an innovator in construction industry. The company designs, develops, and offers iTWO technology for the construction industry worldwide. iTWO is the world's first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution for construction industry. RIB is running together with clients and partners in their journey to becoming 5D technology pioneers in the construction sector, and is aiming to bring the next software generation to support the next generation of living culture in the world.