Funding Providers

Modern supply chains have grown increasingly complex. The velocity and frequency of transactions is now several times what they were 10 years ago. Financing the companies operating within these supply chains is no longer the same either. Smaller orders, shorter lead times, lengthened credit terms, and digitization of transaction information have created a need to utilize technology to manage the supply chain. In addition, financing these supply chains requires an equivalent technology that can keep pace with the increased complexity and velocity.

Seabury TFX provides participating funding providers with the tools, services, partnership, and freedom to better finance your customers. Our platform presents data in a way that helps funding providers and insurers to make solid underwriting decisions by verifying, aggregating, analyzing transparent granular data around concentrations/customer aggregation, credit notes, dilution and disputes, and trade flows between parties. The Seabury TFX platform serves as a gateway for financial institutions to deploy to their global customers an easy to use finance qualification platform that ensures a win-win situation for all.

Benefits of Seabury TFX:

  • Single interface to multiple supply chain systems
  • Supply chain partner networks are well developed to include a lot of buyer and supplier distributions, eliminating on-boarding supplier issues and time
  • Better visibility, reduced risk, borderless operations, and international view of customer business
  • Provides transparency to suppliers issues around liens, credit agreements, KYC
  • Offers credit insurance wrap option to portfolio of receivables
  • More financing opportunities, and reduced costs for acquisition and servicing of new customers
  • Technology specialists that understands financial services
  • Automated financing processes
  • Fraud controlled by validation of historical and authentication of data streams
  • Facilitates access to transactions operating through digital networks
  • Purpose built system to service financial sector
  • Robust and scalable solution for all size financial institutions
  • Multiple ways to participate on transactions
  • Provide tools to score transactions based on multiple data sets
  • Track portfolio of funded transactions
  • Freedom for financial institutions to be financial institutions

Case Studies/Research for funding providers