Receivables Board

Corporate Treasury Solutions on Accounts Receivable

Deployed Across Thomson Reuters Eikon and Powered by Seabury TFX.

Trade Smarter, Increase Profit.


The first of its kind platform for trading of accounts receivable by institutional investors and corporate treasurers, ‘Receivables Board’ allows both primary and secondary trading and aims to develop a community and network of qualified corporates and investors.


Seize the opportunities, get the insight, and make the trade – all in one place



  • Access to corporate and trade data sources from Seabury TFX and Thomson Reuters intelligence
  • Offers investors a new source of uncorrelated asset class, with low volatility and attractive yields
  • Corporates gains access to unlimited liquidity through multiple sources of capital with most competitive rates
  • Diversify asset portfolio exposure and accurately track risk and performance of the portfolio
  • Assets protected by optional credit coverage
  • Provides Treasury professionals with more knowledge, greater flexibility and smarter tools. 



  • Business Intelligence – Analyse risks with each Account Debtors through credit scoring metrics and historical transactions performance
  • Smart Trade – Buy/Sell from extensive range of receivables on demand and at purposed yield
  • Portfolio Management – Customize own investment mix of receivables and keep track of portfolio performance
  • Credit Coverage – Seek optional credit risk coverage against default and loss
  • Real-time Access – Manage account via dashboard, system notifications and reporting tools
  • Service Agent – Processing for trades settlement and payment reconciliation reduces operational challenge of investing in trade receivables


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