Gone are the days when goods were paid for when shipped or delivered. As payment terms have become extended, a gap now exists between when goods are shipped and payment is due. This has made it increasingly difficult to do business in today's world. We help to reduce the impact of this gap.

Seabury TFX helps buyers and suppliers with additional sources of funding for their supply chains. Our goal is to improve cash flow. We do this by taking advantage of our expertise in supply chain, finance and technology. We have several proven solutions dependent on the specific needs of your supply chain. Many are hybrids of either accounts payable or accounts receivable financing programs.

We utilize a cloud-based platform that provides an accurate and transparent view to your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our platform functionality includes proprietary tools to access risk and credit cost appropriate for a transaction. Buyers and suppliers may already be connected using a supply chain platform or we can also help them become connected to automate manual processes.

We partner with multiple funding providers to provide the appropriate finance solution based on the specific needs of each supply chain community.