Within a supply chain, companies operate both as a buyer and as a seller. Whichever side of the transaction you are seeking to optimize, Seabury TFX gives you the freedom to succeed."

Seabury TFX has financing solutions to capitalize on your accounts payable as a buyer or get cash earlier on your accounts receivable as a seller. The company's cloud-based technology platform assists you in setting up the right financial solution to fund your business."

Benefits of Seabury TFX:

  • Preserves the balance among established financing and transaction banking partners.
  • Improve working capital management
  • Get paid earlier on your sales
  • Conserve funding
  • Increase working capital
  • Minimize day sales outstanding
  • Eliminate balance sheet exposure and risk
  • Access faster funding
  • Automated financing process for transactions
  • More convenience than other funding alternatives
  • Access to existing market rates and liquidity
  • Set limits on acceptable discount rates and terms
  • Increase sources for funding
  • Single system across multiple networks
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Tailored services for corporates of all sizes
  • Freedom for corporates to be corporates

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