We are a specialist originator of trade finance. Unlike other supply chain finance providers, we believe supply chain finance is the providing of cash flow all along the different points in a supply chain and not just after an invoice has been approved by the buyer. We work with multiple supply chain platforms to provide funding solutions for companies involved with global trade from purchase orders through to payments including inventory and invoices. Our platform leverages big data along and our unique knowledge of supply chain transactions to provide funding solutions that are traditionally costly and not readily available to companies.


We work with both buyers and sellers of global trade with their trade finance needs. We develop funding solutions to assist your cash flow needs. Our customers include large and small manufacturers in over 50 countries. We understand supply chains and thus are able to look at your business differently from a traditional lender. Our cloud-based technology platform assists you in setting up the right financial solution to aid your business.

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funding providers

We originate, aggregate, and service trade finance transactions through our cloud based platform. Through our integration with multiple global supply chains, we are able to aggregate fragmented transactions into streams of standardized transactions. This generates opportunities for investors that seek low risk alternative investments that are diversified and non-correlated to financial market.

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what can seabury tfx do for you?

global brand

Since the financial crisis, we found that our distributors were struggling to be able to make payments because of a lack of working capital. With Seabury TFX, we found a solution that not only maintained but also grew our sales without increasing our credit exposure

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Our banks would only lend to us if we had assets to guarantee. Seabury TFX helped turn our receivables into cash at better rates than factors.

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major buyer

We wanted to standardize how we paid our suppliers without negatively impacting the cooperation without our supply chain. We also didn't need a complex technical solution as we were already utilizing a supply chain management system.

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trading company

We were getting squeezed from both sides. Since the financial crisis, our customers have extended their payment terms while our suppliers increasingly needed cash more urgently than before. Seabury TFX was able to help us balance out the gap between both sides.

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